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"Greatness comes from happiness and happiness comes from making other people happy. At PFC our team is committed to building a great organization with happy and productive staff" - Andrew Almack, CEO. 

Please share job descriptions with potential candidates

Software development  

We're looking to expand our software development team. The ideal candidate is located in Bangalore and has expertise in API integration and IndiaStack features. This role will be in-charge of continiously improving our sourcing platform with latest features and UI improvements. 

Packaging Development & Procurement   

Plastics For Change is looking for a plastic packaging executive to help industry partners transition from virgin plastic to ethically sourced recycled plastic. This idea candidate is someone who has expertise in polymer science and plastic packaging. 

 Chief Operations Officer     

As COO, you will drive results by unleashing creativity and accountability in a performance oriented culture among a group of diverse and talented individuals. Your experience with other fast growing companies will help you craft efficient and effective systems for the entire organization while taking direct responsibility for operations, partnership management, and project delivery.  You will also successfully run day to day operations in order to allow the CEO to focus on fundraising, business development, thought leadership, and evangelizing the vision. 

Part Time Consultant (Partnership Development)

Plastics for Change is developing partnerships with plastic aggregation centre across India. We are looking to hire a consultant to identify and evaluate plastic aggregation centre partnership opportunities.This individual should be passionate about building relationships. We are looking for people who share our values and are driven to create social and economic inclusion.