We are the first recycler to be certified by The World Fair Trade Organization

Fair trade plastic is good for people and the planet. We practice all 10 principles of fair trade and build ethical livelihoods for waste-workers in developing regions.


We partnered with The Body Shop to reduce poverty & pollution

The Body Shop successfully transitioned their supply chains to fairly traded plastic, collected in Bangalore, India.


We are expanding to coastal communities across India

We are addressing the root cause of ocean plastic and meeting supply demands of brands.

Plastics For Change

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Plastics For Change enables global brands and manufacturers to source high-quality plastic from responsible supply chains.

Plastics For Change has developed a marketplace platform that connects waste-pickers to global markets and ensures a consistent supply of high quality recycled plastic for brands. This initiative is about creating better livelihoods for the urban poor while keeping plastic out of the ocean.

Plastics For Change has developed a franchise model to fortify recycling businesses that pay waste-pickers decent incomes, train them in techniques that boost their incomes, and make investments that benefit entire communities.

Did you know over 3 billion people lack access to formal waste management?

So where does this plastic end up? Well unfortunately a lot of this plastic waste ends up flowing into our rivers and oceans. In fact by 2025, there is expected be 1 tonne of plastic for every 3 tonnes of fish in our oceans. But, this can change, our program helps to create dignified livelihoods to address the root cause of plastic pollution in developing countries.   

Our mobile platform is creating sustainable livelihoods to reduce plastic pollution 

We've adopted strategies from fair trade agriculture and applied them to the informal recycling economy in developing countries. Our deal process and mobile platform provides urban waste pickers with access to fair market prices.  This ethical sourcing platform enables our corporate partners to immediately improve the social and environmental impact of their products, while increasing the value of their goods with today’s conscious consumers. Learn how your favourite brands can purchase ethically sourced plastic

Help transform discarded plastics into a resource for positive change

This initiative is about transitioning the industry towards a circular economy and measuring progress towards the Sustainable Development Goals.  We've partnered with global brands and manufacturers to catalyze real change in communities that need it most. Help us scale our ethical sourcing platform and create positive change through responsible supply chains. Get Involved In The Circular Economy.