We're on a mission to change the social and environmental impact of plastic. Join us


Fight Climate Change

Our program is designed to make it profitable for companies to transition away from virgin plastic and start sourcing recycled. Every one ton of virgin plastic that is offset by recycled plastic saves approximately two-three tons of Co2. 


Create Livelihoods

1% of the urban population in developing countries relies on recycling as their primary household income. Life at the base of the recycling supply chain is  tough. Our ethical sourcing platform can help break the poverty cycle and create lasting change. 


Reduce Plastic POLLUTION

 More than 3 billion people don’t have their waste collected or disposed of safely. We need to accelerate the development of recycling infrastructure by creating markets for the waste.                                                               



Demonstrating integrity throughout the supply chain is key to building partnerships based upon trust.

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Our deal process and mobile technology builds transparency and accountability into the supply chain to reward socially responsible behaviour.



Our program helps companies integrate the UN's Sustainable Development Goals into a profitable supply chain strategy.

Our Partners

Our shared-value chain is made possible by franchise partners and collaborators. Become a franchise partner and benefit from reduced risk through price hedging, access to working capital, efficient operating procedures, higher profit margins and more. 



Hasiru Dala Innovations

Hasiru Dala Innovations is a social enterprise committed to creating predictable livelihoods for wastepickers through providing total waste management, urban gardening services and products for sustainable living.  


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Hasiru Dala

Hasiru Dala is a membership based non-profit organization of waste pickers and other informal waste workers. Hasiru Dala strives to integrate marginalized informal waste workers including waste pickers in the solid waste management framework by utilizing their expertise in the domain.



S3IDF is an international nonprofit organization that builds inclusive market systems to benefit poor and underserved communities. S3IDF supports partners’ work globally while focusing our own projects and programs in Asia.                                              

Our Sponsors 

Do you want your business to be part of the solution? 91% of global consumers are likely to switch brands to one associated with a good cause. Find out how we add value by enhancing customer and employee satisfaction. 



Andrew Almack

Andrew Almack

Founder / CEO

Andrew specializes in helping brands make a profitable transition towards to use of recycled plastic in product lines. Andrew is passionate about supporting sustainable livelihoods and reducing plastic pollution. Andrew has co-founded three award winning social enterprises in the field of waste management. He has worked in slums of South America, India and Indonesia to strengthen the informal recycling economy

Tammy singh

Chief Operating Officer (COO)

Tammy joined Plastics For Change to make a deliberate and intentional impact in the world. Her expertise is in driving day-to-day business, people and operations. With 14 years experience in the tech sector, Tammy has led large-scale enterprise and SAAS projects, managed teams internationally and impacted high value change on organizations. Tammy received her Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering and Society from McMaster University.


Rishi SHER singh

Director of Business Development 

Rishi has been specializing in supply chains and manufacturing for 17 years. Before joining Plastics for Change, Rishi served as the Supply Chain Manager at Hewlett Packard where he led R&D and manufacturing of plastics parts. Rishi is also an expert on human rights and helped implement the UN Global Compact Principles. Rishi’s passion is to design and implement innovative solutions for businesses which create positive impacts on people, planet and profits. Rishi holds a degree in Mechanical Engineering, MBA in International Business from University of Birmingham (UK) and project management certification from Deloitte.


Scott Gellatly

Digital Advisor 

Scott is the founder of Scale My Empire. SME helps fast growing businesses to become more efficient, profitable and highly valued through systemisation and technology automation.”

Akash Shetti

Development Coordinator 

Akash has 5 years of work experience in waste management sector. After completing Msc in Environmental Science from Bangalore University he has worked on Tetra Pak cartons recycling, e-Waste and solid waste management by developing a network of waste pickers, scrap dealers, SME’s etc.. to channelize the waste from informal sector towards formal recycling facility. Also he has managed a solid waste management project designed for transport hubs in 8 cities of India through establishing proper waste management system along with greening activities andawareness activities on health and sanitation to improve overall environmental sustainability and working conditions in respective transport hubs.

Harish - Circular Economy expert

Harish Kumar


For the past three years, Harish has committed himself to the solid waste management sector in Bangalore. He began his career surveying scrap dealers and wholesalers in the Bangalore informal sector, working with Hasiru Dala.  He has been involved in training and supporting waste pickers and Dry Waste Collection Centers to improve their processes, coordinating with BBMP officials to present issues faced by waste pickers in Karnataka, and managing a PET bottle collection between waste pickers and aggregators to send for recycling. Harish obtained his Masters of Social Work in Human Resource Management from Bangalore University. 


Nirat Segal


Nirat is very passionate about creating impact and empowering the economically disadvantaged. She has experience in Financial Literacy & Inclusion, Livelihood Development, Education, and Social Support. She has worked closely with the Urban Poor, primarily migrant workers, in Bangalore. Her expertise is in managing day-to-day operations, cross-functional collaboration and building partnerships with various stakeholders. She has done her Bachelors in Arts - Economics ( Hons.) from Christ University Bangalore in 2013.


Melissa Divertri 

Head of Marketing Strategy    

Melissa joined the PFC team to raise awareness of the social and environmental impact of plastic. She has a proven track record of marketing excellence and runs her own marketing agency in Detroit. Her secret lies within her listening tools, content curation platforms and other forms of marketing tools to assist with client projects.

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