Supply Chain Facilitator - Job Description

Region: Bangalore

Plastics For Change is applying mobile technology to create sustainable livelihoods for the informal waste workers, while transitioning the industry towards a circular economy. Our deal process and mobile platform provides urban wastepickers access to fair and consistent incomes. All the real costs involved in getting the plastic from the wastepickers to the end buyer are uploaded onto this platform, which improves the supply chain efficiency and results in higher quality material. We catalyze brands and manufacturers to replace the use of virgin plastic with ethically sourced recycled plastic, thereby immediately improving the social and environmental impact of their products.

The Supply Chain Facilitator is responsible for creating and maintaining supply chains for all types of plastics, to ensure a continuous supply of good quality plastics. He/ She will be responsible for a particular zone / area and should ideally be residing close to the given area and have a vehicle. The core duties will include, but not be limited to:


  • Work closely with the NGO team leaders and community facilitators to execute on the implementation / program deliverables

  • Build Supply Chains - Identify and develop trust and relationships with wastepickers, home based workers, scrap shops and processing units

  • Train and onboard stakeholders onto the PFC application

  • Ensure processes are strictly adhered to as per standard policy and transactions are being documented accurately

  • Each Facilitator will be in charge of approximately 15 scrap shops and the various supply chains associated with them

  • Organize and coordinate field visits for team, clients and donors

  • Participate in effective project management strategies and reporting on deliverables.

  • Assist with team building and training

  • Work with the team to share creative marketing content and create case studies based on the field work and experiences

  • Conduct auditing activities to ensure wastepickers receive fair prices and there is transparency in the entire supply chain

  • Achieve volume and quality targets as required by the organization. Incentive payments will be made based on the target vs. achievement.


Eligibility Criteria:

  1. Fluent in Kannada, Hindi languages (English preferred but not mandatory & Tamil -  optional)

  2. Experience in community engagement and field work

  3. Knowledge on Waste management (Specifically on plastic recycling-supply chain)

  4. Access to a vehicle.