Plastic Packaging Development & Procurement Manager

The Plastics For Change Brand is dedicated to quality and exceeding the expectations of our industry partners. As the Plastic Packaging Development & Procurement Manager, your main role is to make sourcing recycled plastic easy and stress-free for brands and manufacturers. You’ll work with the Plastics For Change team to serve clients and provide assistance in the following areas.


  • meeting and exceeding the client’s extended producer responsibility

  • putting in place a collect back scheme for multi-layer packaging

  • helping plan the procurement of consistent of high quality plastic

  • Helping clients procure with purpose and create and integrated CSR strategy

  • Helping clients track and measure progress towards the sustainable development goals

  • Providing technical expertise in R&D

  • Designing and analysing line trial schedules

  • Finding innovative ways of saving money for our clients

  • Designing plans to help clients meet their recycling goals


Skills & Expertise:

  • Bachelor’s degree.  Masters degree is a plus

  • 8-10+ years of experience with plastic packaging, planning and procurement

  • Managing relationships with industry partners

  • Polymer science

  • Quality Assurance

  • Quality Control

  • Logistics & Supply chain

  • Project planning

  • Project management

  • Sustainability accounting 

  • Impact measurements 


About Plastics For Change 


Plastics For Change (PFC) is a fast-growing, angel-backed Canadian start-up, based in Bangalore and we are looking for an experienced leader to be a key part of the executive team. Plastics For Change certifies ethical sourcing supply chains for high-quality recycled plastics. We are applying mobile technology to create sustainable livelihoods for the informal waste workers, while transitioning the industry towards a circular economy.