How Purpose Driven Leadership Drives Profitability


Through Plastics for Change, I’ve had the opportunity to meet with dozens of global brands. The companies who are leading in sustainability are the companies who have found a way to integrate their sustainability efforts into their culture. This integrated approach creates a culture of purpose oriented employees. People want to show up to work and know that they are contributing to a greater purpose than simply maximizing shareholder wealth.

By 2025 the millennial generation will become 75 percent of the global workforce. 
42% millennials (Gen Y) now want to work for an organization that has a positive impact on the world.  Implementing a sustainability strategy is essential for attracting and retaining employees.  

How can leaders activate their brand’s purpose?

Purpose driven leaders make an authentic connection between every employee’s role and the company’s larger purpose.

Plastics for Change makes this connection explicit and visible for brands. We share the story and measurable impact generated from each product that uses our ethically sourced recycled plastic. 

Employees can hold a Plastics for Change product line in their hands and access information about the positive social and environmental impact they helped to create. Our goals is to have every employee know how her/his job is related to the overarching purpose of the company.

Words may inspire but only action creates change. Learn more about how Plastics for Change can help activate your brand’s purpose, click here.