Recycle 100KG of plastic for your Christmas gift this year!

The 100KG Plastic Christmas

Christmas is the time to connect with loved ones and experience the joy of giving. But somewhere along the way, we have been trained to associate Christmas with consuming. How many of us receive gifts we don’t use? Or struggle to buy for certain people? The last thing we need is more stuff, but it seems the only way to show you care.

Plastics For Change wants to give people a chance to free themselves from the guilt of Christmas consumption. We worked out the average American discards approximately 100KG of plastic per year. What if you could take away this plastic debt and recycle 100KG of plastic for you or a loved one? It turns out we can help you with that.

Our field staff calculated it costs $85 to recycle a year of plastic consumption, $42 for 6 months and $7 for one month. This recycled plastic not only represents you reversing your own consumption - but along the way it touches peoples lives, provides them with jobs and allows them to feed their families.

The recycled plastic in Plastics For Change’s supply chain is collected by India’s waste-pickers. They use plastic as a means of employment and way to feed their families. The plastic also goes through the hands of scrap-shop dealers, segregators and aggregators. Each person it touches receives financial benefit and a sustainable means of employment.

Giving a more meaningful gift this Christmas can help reduce poverty and clean our beautiful planet. It is a chance to think beyond yourself this season and cultivate gratitude for the planet, people in need and your loved ones.

Choose between following recycled plastic gifts

We will send a customised card confirming you or a loved one has recycled 1 year, 6 months or 1 month of plastic. We will send pictures of the people’s lives you have touched and some information about how your plastic was recycled.

By using this Christmas to recycle 100KG of plastic, you transform plastic pollution into a resource that changes lives. Your 100KG plastic gift will create a new wave of change. We can employ more waste pickers, provide them with better wages and ensure plastic remains out of the environment.

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